MS Eugenie Nile Cruise

M.S. Eugenie

The Eugenie was proudly named to evoke an historic event in Egypt’s recent past: the grand opening of the Suez Canal in 1869, attended by the crown heads of Europe including the Empress Eugenie of France. The completion of the Suez Canal marked Egypt’s passage into modernity, and a new era of international trade and interaction.

Likewise the Eugenie, the first ship to sail Lake Nasser, launched a new era of tourism, offering travelers fresh vistas of Egypt’s natural beauty and archeological treasures. Lake Nasser extended the boundaries of Egypt’s touristic possibilities, while the Eugenie reminds us of this ancient country’s endless capacity for renewal.

The M.S. Eugenie was constructed in 1993 in the style of a turn-of-the-century Nile steamship. It is 74 meters long, with just 52 cabins for maximal comfort, and two luxurious suites. Each cabin has an ensuite bathroom with shower, washbasin, w.c. and hairdryer.

The Eugenie’s facilities include a sauna, steam bath, exercise equipment, sun decks, a swimming pool, air-conditioning and state-of-the-art water filtration systems.


The M.S. Eugenie was constructed in 1993 in the style of a turn-of-the-century Nile steamship. It is 74 meters long, with just 52 cabins for maximal comfort, and two luxurious suites. Each cabin has an ensuite bathroom with shower, washbasin, w.c. and hairdryer.

The Upper Deck has 22 twin-bedded cabins each with a private balcony (total space: 21m2). Cabins 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 306, 307, 308, 309, 310, 311 and 315 are ‘executive cabins’ available at an additional surcharge per cabin and per night.

The Main Deck has 20 twin bedded cabins, also with private balcony (21m2) and two single bedded cabins, also with private balconies (cabins 201, 202).

The Lower Deck has 8 twin bedded cabins without balconies (21m2); these can also be used for triple occupancy.

Suites aboard the M.S. Eugenie:

The magnificent “Imperatrice Suite” measures 100m2 including a large terrace, a large bed (1.80 m), ensuite bathroom with jacuzzi, shower, w.c., two washbasins and a hairdryer. The suite contains dining and sitting areas, all with authentic antique furnishings. The Imperatrice Suite is located at the very front of the Upper Deck.

The Royal Suite “De Maria” measures 42m2 and includes a large balcony, a large bed (1.80 m), ensuite facilities (bath, shower, w.c., washbasin, hairdryer) as well as a sitting area with antique furnishings. This suite is located at the Upper Deck, starboard side.

Public Areas

A trip aboard the Eugenie is an aesthetic experience; its interior decor the tasteful product of collaboration between internationally known designers. Enjoy the spacious main lounge reminiscent of Edwardian times, the earth-toned Safari Lounge and the ship’s peaceful and welcoming library.

The Eugenie reception features Nubian motif wall-paintings; the Cat Bar has a pharaonic flavor; the sun decks are outfitted with oriental sitting areas where one can relax and experience the landscapes of Lake Nasser. Facilities include a sauna, an oriental steam bath, a swimming pool and the exercise equipment. The ship is fully air-conditioned.


Beginning every Friday
3 nights / 4 days
Aswan to Abu Simbel 

Day 1:
Arrival in Aswan to board the Eugenie.
Lunch served on board.
Visit to Kalabsha temple, Beit El Wali, and the kiosk of Kertassi.
Afternoon tea is served in the lounge
Dinner and overnight on board in the Aswan Harbour.

Day 2: 
Sailing to Wadi El Seboua and cocktail while passing the Tropic of Cancer
Lunch served on board.
Visit to Wadi El Seboua temple, the temple of Dakka and temple of Meharakka.
Sail to Amada.
Dinner and overnight aboard.

Day 3: 
Breakfast followed by morning visit to the temples of Amada and Derr as well as the tomb of Penout.
Sail to Kasr Ibrim.
Visit the citadel of Kasr Ibrim. (Tour is conducted from the ship’s sundeck as entrance to the site is not permitted).
Sailing to Abu Simbel.
Lunch served on board.
Visit the Abu Simbel temples.
Attend the Sound & Light show at Abu Simbel temples (non-compulsory, ticket not included). Candlelight dinner on board and overnight.

Day 4:
Breakfast on board and for those who wish, the possibility of a second visit to Abu Simbel (entrance ticket is not included).


Beginning every Monday
4 nights / 5 days
Abu Simbel to Aswan

Day 1:
Arrival in Abu Simbel to board the Eugenie.
Lunch on board.
Visit Abu Simbel.
A welcome cocktail will be served.
Sound & Light show at Abu Simbel temples (non-compulsory, ticket not included).
Candlelight dinner on board.

Day 2: 
Those who would like to watch the spectacular sunrise at Abu Simbel, may enjoy an early morning visit to the temples (entrance ticket is not included).
Morning at leisure.
Lunch will be served while sailing to Kasr Ibrim.
Arrival at Kasr Ibrim. Tour conducted from the ship’s sundeck as entrance to the site is not permitted.
Dinner and overnight on board.

Day 3: 
Sailing to Amada.
Morning visit to the temple of Amada and Derr as well as the tomb of Penout, viceroy of Nubia.
Lunch will be served while sailing to Wadi El Seboua.
Afternoon visit to Wadi El Seboua, the temple of Dakka and temple of Meharakka.
Dinner and overnight aboard at Wadi El Seboua.

Day 4: 
Sail to Aswan and cocktail while crossing of the Tropic of Cancer.
Lunch served on board.
Visit the Kalabsha temple, Beit El Wali, and the Kiosk of Kertassi.
Dinner and overnight aboard in Aswan.

Day 5: 
After breakfast, disembarkation.


Aswan/Kalabsha to Wadi El Seboua 9 hours
Wadi El Seboua to Amada 2 hours
Amada to Kasr Ibrim 2.5 hours
Kasr Ibrim to Abu Simbel 3.5 hours



The New York Times Magazine
THE SOPHISTICATED TRAVELER, part 2/ November 10, 1996
Winter escapes
Cruising to the Rescued Treasures of Nubia
By Elizabeth Peters

………..”The Eugenie was the first boat to cruise the Nubian Sea, as it is sometimes called, and it is certainly the handsomest. Externally, it resembles an old paddle-wheeler; each of the 54 staterooms has a private balcony, and the décor of the public rooms ranges from the tastefully opulent to the whimsical……………..
I had the Imperatrice suite, one of the two suites on the ship, which is purely gorgeous.”

Financial Times

Weekend December 31/January 1, 1995
The forgotten desert lake
By Mark Nicholson

“But Lake Nasser is an odd, forgotten place. It yawns, glittering and incongruous, way off into the desert…the biggest man-made freshwater lake in the world, full of perch and crocodiles, but by man virtually uncharted in its 30 years. Eugenie, though, is its queerest fish. It is an elegant, white, perky-looking craft, 73m long with 50 cabins, each with its own balcony…..The whole decorated as if Terence Conran had designed a set for Death on the Nile….

Beneath a Nubian sun, a low tableau of distant, mysterious peaks and bluffs, hidden lagoons and virgin dunes glide by….
After a day’s sailing grows the odd sense that this enormous empty expanse is a private lake for Eugenie and you….

Short guided tours at one of the stops create the fiction of an appetite for the uncharacteristically – for Egypt – good food at lunch.
Tea and Frank Sinatra in the lounge at five. A general evacuation into the roomy cabins for a snooze or perhaps a sauna or steam bath. Then dinner.”
The Sunday Times
TRAVEL, 2 February 1997
The drowned world
By Anthony Sattin

………..”there was little chance that Nubia would have been drawn to your attention. Until now, that is. For two Egyptian brothers have launched a boat that cruises between Aswan and Abu Simbel and are putting Nubia back on the map……………..

After three days on the Eugenie, I was beginning to find the lure of this never-ending cycle irresistible as we spent our days in motion and our nights in consumption (for what would an Egyptian cruise be without significant servings of food?). So seductive was this routine of cabin and meal, sundeck and temple, the company of passengers and the solitude of the landscape, the desert to the side and the empty lake fore and aft, that it came as something of a shock, on the third night, to see lights ahead of us……
As we got closer, reality set in and I saw that these were streetlights on the road along the top of the dam.”
Welt Report, Mittwoch, den 27. April 1994
Eine Nil-Kreuzfahrt wie zu Agatha Christies Zeiten
Von Peter Schmalz

“Mustafa: “Wer hier mitfaerhrt, soll das gefuehl haben, Agatha Christie wohne nebenan.” Die 300 Kilometer nach Abu Simbel gestaltet er zum Happening. Mit Dutzenden von Fakkeln laesst er Tempel und Festungsreste erstrahlen, den Passagieren an Deck wehen Aida-Arien herueber, die Ankunft in Abu Simbel ist abends, wenn die Ramses-Figuren im weichen Licht warm leuchten. ”

The Christian Science Monitor

October 7-13, 1994
Paddle-Wheeler Sails Into History
By Deborah Pugh

“This offbeat adventure is ideally suited for the amateur or professional Egyptologist who wants relief from the crush around the ancient sites farther north in the Nile Valley. Here, one can explore monuments rarely seen by the public……………
The décor mixes the austere designs of ancient Nubia with the comfort of an English club, complete with antique furniture……………
Nubia is a beautiful region, potentially a powerful magnet for bird watchers and those simply looking for a restful holiday in exquisite surroundings.”
The Dream Boat ,September 1994
By Lee Keath

“The cruise adheres to the theme that space is luxury, the idea that this entire empty land is at your service. The ship takes its passengers into the ‘wilderness’, but brings along an evening whiskey and a splendid brunch buffet….
The audience on deck applauds warmly… It’s a unique show, but the Eugenie is a unique cruise.”

Al-Ahram weekly

Monthly supplement, January 2005
‘Painfully beautiful’
By Fatemah Farag

“This is a trip which takes you back in time………The Eugenie has all the grace of old world travel… And here I must veer off track and comment on the service. It was impeccable…we found the people who run and staff the Eugenie unfailingly friendly, obliging and helpful…………
No surprise then, when two days into our trip, one of my companions remarked that this cruise was the only five-star experience he had had which he felt was actually worth the money…. So I had to agree – it does not get much better than this.”

Travel Today Arabia

January / February 2005
Sailing the Nubian Sea
By Kate Durham

“The boat’s klaxon sent waiters scurrying across the sundeck with trays of fruit juice cocktails. As we glided across the invisible line of the Tropic of Cancer, we lifted our glasses in a toast to the geographic milestone. ‘Tropic’ and Egypt don’t usually come up in the same conversation, but there we were on the M.S. Eugenie, one day into our lake Nasser cruise…..
We were back to the Eugenie in time to clean up for the cocktail party, followed by the four-course dinner. The food on this cruise is extremely good, with a variety of salads, soups, entrees and an absolutely decadent dessert table….. That night, after the show, we dined by candlelight on the open-air deck as the boat cruised back and forth in front of the spotlit facades of Abu Simbel……
The Lake Nasser cruise definitely moves the experience up a few notches, and is one of the most relaxing ways to sample Egypt’s out-of-the-way antiquities.”

Paris Match
Du 31 mars au 6 avril 2005
A bord de l’ “Eugenie” et du “Kasr Ibrim”
La Nubie devoilee
Par Anne-Laure Le Gall

‘Avec la mise en service de l’ “Eugenie” en 1993, on a renoue avec le XIXe siecle, quand les aventuriers remontaient le Nil, pas encore domestique, vers la frontiere soudanaise. Dans leur sillage, les passagers de l’ “Eugenie”, au charme desuet et discret, redecouvrent les rives vierges et certains vestiges rendus inaccessibles apres la construction du grand barrage et la montee des eaux. A bord de l’ “Eugenie”, authenticite et atmosphere feutree, pour une clientele avertie, qui fuit la foule et appreciera son service elegant, son excellente table, sa decoration melant gravures anciennes et velours epais.’


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