Kasr Ibrim Lake Nasser Cruise

The M.S. Kasr Ibrim was named after the ancient citadel on Lake Nasser, the only Nubian monument that still exists in its original location. The Kasr Ibrim citadel, standing on a high bluff overlooking the river valley, was adapted to suit the needs of its diverse occupants throughout the ages. Likewise, the M.S. Kasr Ibrim provides an epic setting for international travelers, while commemorating the citadel as an enduring link with Egypt’s distant past.

Relax in the ship’s spacious lounge areas, its restaurant or bars. On deck you will find a shaded area, a mosaic-lined swimming pool and deckchairs to make the most of idle luxury. Kasr Ibrim’s facilities also include a sauna, steam bath, exercise equipment, state-of-the-art water filtration systems, and is fully air-conditioned.

Service is thoughtful and friendly; the cuisine is superb. Each day we anchor beside one of Lake Nasser’s historic sites, where a launch will take you ashore to explore.


M.S. Kasr Ibrim was launched in September 1997. The ship is 79 meters long, with just 55 cabins for maximal comfort, and 10 luxurious suites. The interior décor reflects the Art Deco style of the 1920’s.

The ship fifty-five spacious cabins measure 22.75 m2, each with an ensuite bathroom (bath, shower, washbasin, w.c. and hairdryer). There are seven 29 m2 junior suites; two 59 m2 Royal suites and one 140 m2 Imperial suite (all ten suites have bathrooms with jacuzzi, shower, washbasin, w.c. and hairdryer).

The Executive Deck has 12 twin-bedded cabins, each with a private balcony (total space 22.75 m2). The Executive Deck cabins (400 numbers) are available at an additional surcharge per cabin and per night.

The Upper Deck has 18 twin-bedded cabins each with a private balcony (total space 22.75 m2). A guaranteed allocation to one of the Upper Deck cabins (300 numbers) is available at an additional surcharge per cabin and per night.

The Main Deck has 18 twin-bedded cabins each with a private balcony (total space 22.75 m).

The Lower Deck has 7 twin bedded cabins without balconies (22.75 m); these can also be used for triple occupancy.

Suites aboard the M.S. Kasr Ibrim:

The sumptuous “Imperial Suite Kasr Ibrim” measures 140 m2 including a large terrace, a large bed (1.80 m); an ensuite bathroom with jacuzzi, shower, w.c., bidet, two washbasins and a hairdryer. The suite contains large dining and sitting areas, and is located at the very front of the Executive Deck.

The Royal Suites “Abou Simbel” and “Wadi el Seboua” (located at the front of the Upper Deck) measure 58 m2 and include a large terrace, a large bed (1.60 m), a comfortable sitting area and ensuite bathroom with jacuzzi, shower, w.c., washbasin and a hairdryer.

The Junior Suites “Ramses” and “Nefertari” are located at the front of the Main Deck and measure 29m2, comprising a sitting area, a large bed (1.60 m), and a terrace. The suites’ bathrooms offer a jacuzzi, shower, washbasin, w.c. and hairdryer.

Junior Suites “Amada” and “Dakka” are twin bedded and include a balcony (measuring 29m2 in total). The suites have ensuite facilities (jacuzzi, shower, washbasin, w.c., hairdryer) and are located at the Executive Deck; Suite Amada on the port side
and Suite Dakka on the starboard side.

Junior Suites “Derr” and “Kalabsha” include a large bed (1.60 m) and a balcony (measuring 29m2 in total). The suites have ensuite facilities (jacuzzi, shower, washbasin, w.c., haidryer), and are located at the Executive Deck (Suite Derr on the port side and Suite Kalabsha on the starboard side).

Junior Suite “Penout” is located on the Main Deck, starboard side, is twin bedded and has a private balcony. This suite contains a sitting area and ensuite facilities (jacuzzi, shower, washbasin, w.c., hairdryer).

Public Areas

The Kasr Ibrim’s interiors blend whimsical art deco motifs with modern elegance and comfort. Relax in the ship’s spacious and beautifully appointed lounge areas, its restaurant or bars. On deck you will find a shaded area, a mosaic-lined swimming pool and deckchairs to make the most of Lake Nasser’s glorious scenery. Kasr Ibrim’s facilities also include a sauna, a steam bath dressed in old marble, exercise equipment, and a state-of-the-art water filtration system. The ship is fully air-conditioned.


Beginning every Saturday
4 nights – 5 days 
Aswan to Abu Simbel

Day 1: 
Arrival in Aswan to board the Kasr Ibrim.
Lunch on board.
Visit to Kalabsha temple, Beit El Wali, and the kiosk of Kertassi
Afternoon tea is served in the lounge.
Dinner and overnight on board in Aswan Harbour.

Day 2: 
Sailing to Wadi El Seboua, breakfast and cocktail when passing the Tropic of Cancer.
Lunch, Dinner and overnight on board.

Day 3:
Breakfast on board followed by a morning visit to Wadi El Seboua, the temple of Dakka, and temple of Meharakka.
Lunch on board while sailing to Amada.
Visit the temples of Amada and of Derr, as well as the tomb of Penout.
Dinner and overnight on board at Amada.

Day 4: 
Sailing to Kasr Ibrim.
Breakfast and morning visit to the citadel of Kasr Ibrim. Tour conducted from the ship’s sun deck as entrance to the site is not permitted.
Sailing to Abu Simbel.
After-lunch visit of the Temples of Abu Simbel.
Sound & Light show at Abu Simbel temples (non-compulsory, ticket not included).
Candlelight dinner on board and overnight at Abu Simbel.

Day 5: 
Breakfast on board.
Those who wish may enjoy a second visit to the Abu Simbel temples to watch the sunrise (entrance ticket is not included).



Beginning every Wednesday
3 nights – 4 days
Abu Simbel to Aswan

Day 1:
Arrival in Abu Simbel to board the Kasr Ibrim.
Lunch on board.
Visit the Abu Simbel temples
A welcome cocktail will be served.
Sound & Light show at Abu Simbel temples (non-compulsory, ticket not included) followed by a candlelight dinner on board.

Day 2: 
Those who would like to watch the spectacular sunrise at Abu Simbel,
may enjoy an early morning visit to the temples (entrance ticket is not included).
Breakfast is served while sailing to Kasr Ibrim.
Arrival at Kasr Ibrim. Tour conducted from the ship’ssun deck as entrance to the site is not permitted.
Lunch served while sailing to Amada.
Visit the temples of Amada and Derr as well as the tomb of Penout,
A relaxing afternoon sail to Wadi El Seboua.
Dinner on board

Day 3: 
Morning visit to Wadi El Seboua, the temples of Dakka, and Meharakka.
Lunch on board.
Sail to Aswan while dining and overnight on board.

Day 4: 
Visit the Kalabsha temple, Beit El Wali and the Kiosk of Kertassi.
Disembarkation after breakfast.


Aswan/Kalabsha to Wadi El Seboua 11 hours
Wadi El Seboua to Amada 4 hours
Amada to Kasr Ibrim 2.5 hours
Kasr Ibrim to Abu Simbel 4 hours

News / Press

ELLE Decoration
No. 82 Septembre 1998
En Egypte, Croisiere sur le lac Nasser
Par Marie Bailhache

“Depuis peu, grace a la perseverance de deux armateurs egyptiens, Tarek et Mustapha El Gendy, pionniers avec leur premier bateau, “l’Eugenie”, il est devenu envisageable de parcourir l’immense reservoir d’eau borde par les deserts, region appelee depuis l’Antiquite <corridor de l’Afrique>…..
Le “Kasr Ibrim” , dernier-ne des El Gendy, est de ceux-la……

… le voyage comprenant l’arrivee sur Abou Simbel. Emotion garantie, visite sous les etoiles, puis miracle, au lever du soleil, de se trouver sur l’eau, au pied de ces magnifiques et colossales statues.”

Marie France

Fevrier 1999
Evasion: du Mekong au Nil, trois croisieres magiques
Par Aliette de Crozet

“Si l’on aime l’eau, le desert et les pharaons, on embarque un jour au sud de l’Egypte, sur le lac Nasser……. Le Kasr Ibrim s’avere le plus original des six bateaux admis a naviguer sur cette mer interieure de cinq cents kilometers de long. Le plus luxueux aussi. A bord regne l’Art deco a la sauce orientaliste: canapés leopard, tentures animalieres, rideaux de soie doree.”
Nr. 1 Januari 2002
Tekst: Chris-Jan van der Heijden

“Toch is het er nog wel. Dat stuk Egypte waar massatoerisme een onbekend fenomeen is.
….Waar boten varen die hem zouden terug brengen naar the good old days…..

De M.S. Kasr Ibrim is een van de zes schepen die de tempels mag bezoeken. Het is ook een van de mooiste boten op Lake Nasser. Het art deco-interieur is speciaal voor dit schip ontworpen in faraonische stijl…… Het knapste staaltje van de bouwers is echter dat het nergens kitsch of ordinair wordt….Stijl is het sleutelwoord. Negentig bedienden op negentig gasten. Met humor en voorkomendheid wordt de de statige sfeer van begin 20ste eeuw exact getroffen….

De klassieke formule wordt vervolmaakt door copieuze lunch- en dinerbufetten, luxe hutten en oog voor de kleinste details. ‘Wilt u een verfrissingsdoekje Sir?’ Bediende Saad is er op een of andere manier altijd op het juiste moment. De stilte, het woestijnlandschap, de nachtelijke sterrenhemel en de verlaten tempels doen de rest. De Kasr Ibrim brengt je in loom tempo terug naar koloniale tijden.”
The Hotel Book, 2003
Great Escapes Africa
Shelley-Maree Cassidy

“Aboard the M.S. Kasr Ibrim and M.S. Eugenie, you can bridge the age of the Pharaohs and the Flappers. The great monuments of the former are before you on the banks of the Nile; these splendid steamers on Lake Nasser call to mind the latter, with their Art Deco style. One boat is named after the citadel of Kasr Ibrim, a relic of Nubia, the ‘land of gold’, one of ancient Egypt’s richest states……

What better way to see the splendour of Egypt than from the decks of these deluxe ships?”

The Hotel Book, 2003
Great Escapes Africa
Shelley-Maree Cassidy

“Die Reise fuehrt vorbei an Wundern wie der Strasse der Sphinxen bis hin zum grossen Hoehepunkt, den grossen Tempeln von Ramses II in Abu Simbel. Zwar moegen Zeit und Witterung an ihrer Pracht genagt haben, doch ihr Anblick ist unveraendert beeindruckend.
An Bord sind Glanz und Gloria noch nicht verblasst. Die prachtvolle Ausstattung der Schiffe ist der Umgebung die sie durchsegelten, angemessen.”
No. 34, Dec 1999/Jan 2000
Evasion, D’Assouan a Abou Simbel, une croisiere en Nubie egyptienne

“Grandes baies vitrees, murs lambrisses de loupe de poirier, meubles confortables, les cabines du Kasr Ibrim, bordees de terrasses ou de balcons, rapellent les voyages d’autrefois, tandis que le soir venu, après la visite des temples, on peut prolonger la détente par une séance au hammam decore de marbre…..

Plus loin, le lac s’elargit comme une mer. On distingue a peine ses rives diluees dans les brumes de chaleur. Enfin, une montagne se detache, plus large, plus haute que les autres, elle attire l’oeil. Abou Simbel!”

The Australian

8 November 2003
Cruising through Nasser’s Floodgates

By Lisa Brigid Mackey

….’The new High Dam at Aswan brought electricity and power to peoples who had experienced neither, but the Nubians who lived in land now submerged by Lake Nasser lost their homeland. While the Nubian people were relocated elsewhere in Egypt before the deluge, local Pharaonic monuments from past millennia were also painstakingly transferred to higher ground.

In 2003, our car wilts in the July heat as we slowly work our way through multiple procedures for entering the Aswan docks. There the Eugenie awaits: my gateway to Lake Nasser. Tall men in resplendent uniforms greet me as I enter the cool of reception, flanked by a splendid staircase. It is like stepping back a century, to grand days of living in style.

My suite, more reminiscent of Paris than Cairo, has a gracious sitting area with European prints on the walls. I feel transported to a post-colonial fantasy world. Evening reminds us we are in mysterious Egypt when (as per the itinerary) we are transferred to the Eugenie’s sister ship, the Kasr Ibrim. We wait for our new keys in the vast, gleaming ballroom-style lounge.

As our new boats starts cruising, the fun begins….We move gently through the still waters, surrounded by pristine desert landscapes on both sides. I wimp out and admire the view from the comfort of my air-condioned art deco cabin……
…Here one feels totally alone in the world, as no one lives out there at all…
…With no interference from civilisation, the sky shines brightly with millions of stars. Lake Nasser glows in the radiant light. I feel very small. The unearthly beauty of distant galaxies is both romantic and humbling…..

……Reclining in a supremely comfortable lounge chair under a beach umbrella, beside Lake Nasser gleaming in the brilliant sunshine, I am unable to finish my enormous breakfast. Although I could easily laze around all day, too many wonders await ashore…..

….As we head south towards the piece de resistance, Abu Simbel, the Pharaohs’ temples grow ever more incredible. Recalling the hideous half-million dollar slums built by modern developers – unlikely to last beyond half a century – I am in awe of the ancient Egyptians, whose architecture lasted millennia. These enduring works of art and beauty flow with an elegance and grace born of devotional inspiration, their colours entrancing even after thousands of years…….
No. 7 – fevrier – mars 2001
Texte: Jean-Francois Gourdon

“Kasr Ibrim, 120 passagers, est l’un des naviers les plus luxueux qui naviguent sur le Nil. Les cinq etoiles affichees a l’accueil ne sont pas usupees…..

-Notre conclusion- Une tres belle croisiere, calme, a l’ecart des foules, dans le confort raffine et attentionne de l’un des plus beaux navires du Nil. A lui seul, le diner aux chandelles face a Abou Simbel, merite le voyage.”
Canada.com News
Mystery of the Nile
Cruise a man-made lake for rescued temples of the pharaohs and the Old-World elegance of an Agatha Christie novel
Saturday, January 22, 2005

“I couldn’t decide which way to look. Behind me rose the ancient temples of Abu Simbel and their colossal stone statues of Pharaoh Ramses II and his queen, Nefertari, shimmering in the ochre glow of the setting sun. And in front of me floated the art nouveau-styled M.S. Kasr Ibrim in the warm blue waters of Lake Nasser. Designed to evoke the elegant leisure of a Nile cruise of the 1920s and ’30s, I could almost picture Hercule Poirot in a linen suit and tiny moustache upon its deck…
The Kasr Ibrim is not your average cruise ship….With cabin space for a maximum of 126 passengers, it is designed to evoke a more genteel age and was in fact inspired by the ships described in Agatha Christie’s 1937 book Death on the Nile. All that was missing was a body and a Belgian detective. This was clearly part of the ship’s attraction as I noticed several of my fellow passengers – mostly Europeans from ages 30 to 60 – reading that novel in a variety of languages…
Playing on nostalgia for a by-gone age, tea was served at 5 p.m., and some of the crew wore red fezzes. The spacious cabins and public spaces are done in a playful art nouveau style with Nubian and Egyptian motifs… But even without the ship’s charm, the scenery would have been enough of a draw. With endless sky, sapphire waters, golden sands and ancient temples on offer, I spent a lot of time soaking in my surroundings from either my little balcony (every room has one) or the upper decks.”


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