Amalia Dahabiya Nile Cruise

Amalia Dahabiya Nile Cruise combines comfort and beauty in a most inspiring way, promising a remarkable, rewarding cruise experience of legendary hospitality. Amalia Dahabiya Nile Cruise will take you back in time to a gentler, more gracious era in from 4 to 7 nights cruise experience between Luxor and AswanDahabiya cruises are small Nile cruisers powered by wind, rather than motor. When traveling by Dahabiya, one has the advantage of experiencing the silences and natural sounds of the Nile. You also get to visit the small islands in the area, which is not possible on bigger Nile cruises.

Dahabiya cruises provide all the facilities of large cruise ships while offering the advantage of a more intimate setting. Dahabiyas have only 16 passengers, compared to an average of more than 120 guests on a large cruise boat.

The name Dahabiya comes from the Arabic word, Dahab, meaning Gold. Dahabiya, was given its name from the golden color of the original Dahabiyas, originating in the 1920s. We have now revived this luxurious mode of travel, making the boats more comfortable and adding more facilities. We hope you take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to sail down the Nile, exploring some of Egypt’s ancient sites in the same manner as those nearly 100 years before you.


Dahabiya Cruise 4 Nights / 5 days
Day 1 :  Luxor – Dahabiya Nile sailing tour starting in Esna
 After you’ve boarded the ship and the anchor is lifted the Dahabiya will glide silently across the Nile. The first stop is 15km down the Nile at El-Kab. This was once a glorious city, but is now a city of ruins and rubble and a reasonably intact city wall. After you’ve had a chance to look around, you’ll return to the ship and your Nile sailing tour will continue on to a small island for the night.
Day 2 :  Sailing to Edfu – Horus Temple – Wadi el Shat
After breakfast sailing Edfu the ship’s crew will throw out the anchor and you’ll visit the best preserved cult temple in Egypt. The monumental temple of Horus, built in honour of the God with the falcon’s head, is easily as impressive as the world famous temple of Karnak in Luxor. After visiting the temple you’ll continue on to the town of Wadi El Shat where you’ll walk through the tropical gardens and countryside. At the end of the day you’ll spend the night on the Dahabiya.
Day 3 :  Sailing to Kom Ombo
After breakfast the Dahabiya will set sail along the Nile again. It’s white sail will snap in the wind until it’s found the right angle and the canvas catches wind. After a while the ship will moor at the excavation site ‘Gebel El Silsila’ and the temple of Pharaoh Horemheb. You can also visit an ancient stone quarry where colossal stones were cut out for the temple of Karnak. After lunch on board the ship you’ll sail on to one of the highlights of this Nile sailing tour, the majestic temples of Haroeris and Sobek at Kom Ombo. Candles will be lit and you’ll have your own candlelight dinner on an island in the middle of the Nile…
Day 4 :  Daraw – Sailing to El Koubania
After breakfast it’s time to hoist the sails and sail towards the town of Daraw. Stroll through the town’s dusty streets that lead to the colourful and lively souks.
The ship will dock at El Koubania so that you can get to meet the Nubians and find out more about their way of life. At the end of the day you’ll spend the night in the Dahabiya.
Day 5 :  Arrival in Aswan
There’s only a short distance left to sail until the ship reaches Aswan. Once you step back onto the shore you’ll say goodbye to the ship captain, the cook and the rest of the crew. Our local representative will be waiting to greet you in Aswan and will take you hotel or airport
4 Nights Dahabia based on Full Board
All visits mentioned in the above program
Tour guide based on Private basis
Tips, gratuities.
Laundry, telephone calls, table drinks or any other expenses of personal nature
The Dahabiya requires a gentle breeze to allow it to sail and generally this breeze travels in a southerly direction, Luxor to Aswan. When, commonly, there is no northerly breeze, a tugboat is brought in to pull the Dahabiya for stretches of the journey. If you would like to sail for the entire time, then we would advise you to take the Luxor to Aswan route

Amoura Dahabiya Nile Cruise

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